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Open source for 1D, 2D and 3D game development in Javascript

Ok, 1D might not exists as such, but let's use it for the purpose of this blog post. These are the frameworks and languages we use to develop games on the categories mentioned before. 1D: Just plain old Javascript. Add some images using the DOM, style with CSS and you are done. 2D: Phaser.IO This framework has all you want to create commercial quality games for the browser. Sprites Physics Particles Input Sound Preloaders And a long etc 3D: Three.JS An excellent framework for those looking to create more immersive experiences that span the three axis. What do you use?

Second week, second game. Spot the differences.

The second week we decided to go with a simple spot the differences game. Again this is a game aimed for very youngc children as there are only 7 differences and those are very easy to find. Code in github as usual. Again because its simplicity it was written in HTML/Javascript, and bundled using Cordova. It's only available on Android for now but we plan to upload to the Web and also iOS once we polish it and make it more nice for the Apple eyes. Looking forward to write the next game. (we are already thinking about the dynamics and theme)

One game a week

Challenge accepted! After removing some things from our personal agendas, we took on the challenge of developing one game every single week starting from the previous one. The games are going to be very simple, especially the first ones until we get used to the tools, processes and idea development. Everything from the concept, interactive to the graphics is going to look poor, unfinished and boring, but we also committed to revisit previous week's games from time to time to improve them and make more fun. We are going to use analytics and download stats to drive our decisions so that we need where to focus on. First game, a simple memory game for kids called Dinos (dinosaurs themed). Code is available on Github ( as everything else we do. By the way, the game was written in JavaScript/HTML using the Cordova bundler.