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Finding free game assets

When you are an small team as we are there are certain roles such as the audio engineer/musician that are missing from your projects.

In these circumstances you either contract somebody to prepare your music or download existing music and sounds from Internet websites either paying for them or using free ones.

Creating your own music gives you a unique thing that can be the reason why players pick your games and not others, so that's what all game developers should aim for if they have the resources/budget. If you can buy existing audio assets great, because there is a implicit guarantee those assets are not going to be as common as the ones found in the last category: free game audio.

Of course free game audio like the ones found in are great to work with your prototypes and launch until you prove the game worth investing more time and money, but until then, why not to use some freely available for download?

These are just some examples of places you can find free audio assets for your game:


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Our games on

For a while we were publishing our HTML5 games in one tiny server delivering static content, and it was fine, but if something lacked hosting our own games is exposure.

Hosting your games is not just hosting them, is also having to actively linked them, mention them and share them or they are not going to be seen.

Then we discover Itch.oi, a very simple but amazing platform which is similar to Steam but much more open in the sense you don't have to pass any filter to publish your games (, and once uploaded them they can be seen and discovered by a ever growing number of gamers.

If your game is for desktops, you can also upload ZIP files with installer, and even set a price that collects all the money of your sales and then is transferred to you.
If you are and indie looking for yet another sale channel, give  a chance, it's definitely a great platform and completely free so don't wait to publish!

Game design documents

Put it simple, game design documents are documentation about games that cover things like what is the game about, what is the target audience, what are the game mechanics and to some extent how the game is going to be developed.

Writing a game design document is useful to validate a game idea before starting its implementation and is also a valuable document to atract new team members and/or investors.

Here there is a list of some document design documents we've found and could serve you as a foundation for your game:

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Other game development blogs

Let us share with you some of the gamedev blogs we are following, which are a source of technical knowledge and inspiration.

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In another opportunity we are going to share also some of the game development portals we visit in the seek of news, tutorials and other info.